Fame City

Probably, everyone knows that SEC "Khan Shatyr" has the biggest play station under the name "Fame City". This play structure involves about 200 play apparatus, Dinosaurs' park, Chamber of Horrors, Children Café and Children Room with dry pool, the Internet Café and a host of other things. Our main target is to provide our guests with funny and safe rest. Thus, we conduct supervision of the equipment and staff training on regular basis, our watchful security guards diligently preserve comfort of the resting people. The target task of our Centre is not only to create perfect mood of all family and to provide our visitors with absolute security.

Henceforth, we are proud to tell about our Park of Jurassic Period "Dinopark". Here, there are 9 spices of dinosaurs existed BC, though from every parts of the Earth. The sizes of phytivorous predators correspond to the originals. The guide tells about each dinosaur in details. Our Dinopark is a unique in the whole Asia. The park of this type are in China and Europe.

"Monorali" should be especially noted among the amusement rides of SEC "Khan Shatyr" as it is a monorail railway extending for 500 m with trailers moving along it. It is located on the level of the upper ground and makes 2 circles. This type of amusement ride fits absolutely all. You need just to arrange yourself comfortable and observe all "Khan-Shatyr" ultimately. During this trip some installations will come into your view - fantastical inhabitants of space, pre-historic world, pursuit for the pirate's hoard on the treasure island, as well as .... Some mystery will not cause harm to us for you to come and see with your eyes! Also, it will not be come amiss that this amusement ride is a unique of a kind in the city of Astana.

Tower – have you ever fallen from the height with breakneck speed?? If no, so we offer an opportunity to experience adrenalin. Just as the public enjoys the beauty of the cupola in the most unexpected moment from the height of the seat one is set down with insane speed. The amusement ride Tower of free falling waits for its visitors every day. The number of seats is 12, the tower height is 38 meters.

Meet the new attraction “Gold Mine Coaster”! Roller-coaster together with the treasure hunt will make your trip unforgettable! We are waiting for our brave Gold Miners on the fifth floor of the SEC “Khan Shatyr”.

Would you like to find yourself into a spooky horror? To become a hero of the thriller movie? Take your courageous friends with you to see this afterworld nightmare! Horror Room “Hunting for ghosts” invites its fearless visitors in the Game Centre “Fame City”!

Fame City
Drop Tower
Gold Mine Coaster
Ghost hunting
Soft play
Water Canoe